Healthy Swaps For Pilau Rice

When eating out, it’s still nice to feel that you’re treating yourself. For people who want a burst of flavour when eating out, without topping up the calorie count, boiled rice can seem somewhat unappealing. So if you want to cut out the carbs, without cutting your portion size in half, there are a few adjustments that can be made.

The average portion of Pilau Rice can tip the scales at up to 400 calories per 100g, depending on the specific preparation. And although they are the most popular dishes to accompany a curry, many people are in search of a healthy alternative:


1 – Sambar Dal




Samber Dal is made with lentils, potatoes & other veg & is only around 155 calories per serving.


2  – Palak Ka Saag




This dish is one for Spinach lovers. Full of kick & vitamins, only 100 calories per serving on average.


3 – Aloo Gobi


Low-Fat Indian Dishes - Aloo Gobi



Aloo Gobi is a super low fat dish with Cauliflower. Packed full of flavour at around 100 calories per average serving.


4 – Aloo Palak




Aloo Palak is a simple dish which is possibly the most filling of them all, made with potatoes, spices & spinach. This dish isn’t carb free but still, comes in at only 200 calories per average serving.


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Indian Recipes cover

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