What is Tandoor Cooking?

One of the traditional methods is Tandoor cooking, available all over India, but mainly followed in the North. There are many different kinds of cooking methods in India, which depend on the dish to be made, the amount of heat needed and the nature of raw materials. The Punjab region is the birth place of the Tandoori style of cooking, but what is a tandoor? The Punjabi tandoor is a bell-shaped oven traditionally made of clay, which can be set into the earth and fired with wood or charcoal reaching temperatures of about 480 degrees Celsius.

Tandoor cooking uses four distinct techniques: direct heat rises from the charcoal, similar to grilling; The hot clay walls of the oven cook bread; Radiant heat in the belly of the tandoor produces similar results to convection baking; And smoke, which occurs as the marinade and meat juices drip onto the hot coals, add fragrance and flavour.


The heat and smoke, and moisture-retaining properties of the tandoor, make it perfect for roasting meat on vertical skewers. Despite its ancient origins and simplicity, the tandoor produces sophisticated results, including smoky flatbreads and roasted succulent meats. Food cooked in a Tandoor clay oven not only tastes great, but it is also good for you.

Visit our Restaurant and you will see fresh naan being made to order. Soft white dough rolled into flat cakes, draped over a round cloth pillow called a gandhi and pressed onto the hot inner walls of the tandoor, where they puff, blister and brown in minutes.

The tandoor’s cooking properties have made it the preferred barbecue pit throughout Central and South Asia and the Caucasus region. Iranians call it tanoor; Uzbeks, tandyr; Azerbaijanis, tandir; Armenians, tonir; and Georgians, tone. But the center of tandoori cooking is Punjab.

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