Although we’re yet to have a complaint about it, every week we have a new customer asking why we choose to put our famous Naan Bread on a stand. There’s plenty of reasons why we do this, but the truth is in the taste, which is why our loyal customers keep coming back, week on week.

1 – Presentation 


As surprising as it sounds, a big reason of why we choose to place our Naan on a stand it simply because it looks good when presented to our happy customers. Presentation is key here at Jumaira. We want to ensure that everything we serve is a treat to both your eyes & your taste buds.


2 – Keeping it crisp


Our Naan is cooked inside a traditional Tandoori Oven, to ensure that every Naan we present is just as it should be. We stand our nan to ensure the classic crisp outside and soft inside. Should the nan be lay flat, the oils are more likely to sink, causing it to become soggy.


3 – Naan is Important


Does it even feel like you’re eating at an Indian Restaurant if there isn’t any Naan? Naan is one of the oldest and most loved parts of Indian Cuisine. We put our Naan at the centre of our cooking because we’re proud to follow sacred Indian tradition.


4 – Sharing 


Having our Naan stood up in the middle of the table makes it simple and easy to tear and share. No passing plates over, just easy, enjoyable dining.


5 – Size 


Our Naan breads are known not only for their delightful taste, but their impressive size too. Trust be told, even if we did choose to plate up our extra large Naan Breads, we would struggle to fit them on the table!

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